Sunday Exhortations

It is our desire to share the Word of God with you! We have uploaded recent Sunday exhortations from various speaking Brethren for your spiritual growth. Remember, the Word of God is always speaking to us, are we listening? Have a Blessed Day.


5.28.17 D.Miller-  Stop and Smell the Roses

6.4.17 S.Howe- Our Trials Unsettled

6.11.17 K.Byron- Will you hear the call?

6.18.17 R. Walbert- Happy day cause God is our Father

6.25.17 D. Miller- Two Ways to Live

7.2.17 S.Howe- Be Joyful Always

7.9.17 K.Byron- Diligence

7.16.17 R.Walbert– How does God fit into your life?

7.23.17 D.Miller- Resurrection

7.30.17 S.Howe- Our Shepherd

8.6.17 K.Byron-  Abide in Me

8.13.17 R.Walbert-  How to stand out quietly in a crowd

8.20.17 D.Miller- Who are you?

8.27.17 B.Berg- A letter to the Christadelphian Church

9.24.17 K.Byron- The Cost

10.1.17 S.Slomski- The Perfect Church

100817-d-miller-find-shelter –  Find Shelter

102217-d-miller – Foolishly Wise

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